My Closet Needs. . .

21 Aug

My closet needs some “edge”. Pre stay-at-home mom I was an accountant (I don’t blame you if you just said “ick”). Neither role lends itself to being adventurous with clothes, yet deep within me is a vamp who occasionally turns my eye to the saucier side of fashion. Lately I have felt a vamp-ish pull towards booties (aka ankle boots, not that thing you are sitting on whilst reading this). Yes, in the wrong hands I do believe this trend could go horribly wrong, but it can also be so right (and edgy).

Note: The highlighted shoes are not what the lovely ladies are wearing, just my similarly styled finds.

Links: Mod look, Vicky bootie by 7 for All Mankind

Leopard Love look, Kit bootie by Sam Edelman

Refined Country look, Wayland bootie by KORS Michael Kors

Choosing between them will be the hard part! I don’t think my closet needs all three styles, though it wants them badly.

PS – Did you notice the white shirts in two of the styles above?? Yep, still have that obsession.

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